Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grilled and Braised Boar Rib Ragou with Wide Egg Noodles

The title really says it all. I came across some Wild Boar ribs at the Fish Guy and grilled them with a light rub. Had some left over, so later that same week I pulled all of the meat from the bones and braised them in some white wine, onion, garlic, grainy mustard and chicken stock. I then wilted in some red shredded cabbage and tossed it with some egg noodles and fresh basil.

grilled and braised boar rib ragou with wide egg noodles

Burton Baton - Oak Aged Imperial IPA

I've seen this around many times the past several years, but never realized what it was (Oak-aged 90 minute IPA). I noticed what I thought was quite a good hop aroma for a beer that has been aged and the flavor is smooth, but assertive. Based on my run-ins with other DFH beers, I would assume they probably dry-hopped in the barrel. This is a seasonal brew, so I suggest you get it while you can.
In related news I have heard DFH is going to start selling IPA 12 packs with 4 each of 60, 90 & 120min. It should be interesting to see the price though, since 120 sells for anywhere from $8-11 for one 12 oz. bottle.